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  • Abdominal Crunch (heel on toe)

    This is a great exercise for toning and strengthen the muscles of the abdomen that help to stabilise your torso.

  • Arm-Leg Reaches

    This exercise integrates the whole body and improves stability and balance.

  • Baby Dips

    This is an excellent exercise for improving the posture muscles.

  • Backstroke Abs

    This exercise provides stability and support to the trunk.

  • Bent over row

    This is a great exercise for strengthening and toning the legs, bum and abdomen

  • Bridge

    This exercise tones the muscles that support the spine and the buttocks.

  • Butt Blaster

    This exercise tones the buttocks and strengthens the muscles that stabilise the hips.

  • Calf Raises

    This exercise tones the legs.

  • Butt Kick

    This exercise improves the ability for your body to produce force, increases your heart rate and strengthens your legs.

  • Carioca

    This exercise is designed to improve movement ability and to increase the heart rate.